The nature and culture of Togari

"I'm not experienced in real trekking, but I'd like to visit nature." "I do not have time, I would like to touch the culture of Satoyama" "I would like to challenge the Shin-Etsu Trail but I am worried about having children," is not it . Recommended for such people, "Togari trail" going around the mountains of Togari. There are four model courses, both of which can travel around the waterfield and historical spots and other places from the foot of the Togari hot spring ski area to the top of the Tenpei Plateau.


Walk through the best beech forest

The Shin-Etsu Trail is a rare long trail in the country that extends over the ridge of the Sekida mountain range at an altitude of 1,000 m located at the prefectural border of Nagano-Niigata and extends over 80 km in length. There are many places of interest such as Beech beyond the age of 400 years and Hikarigahara where the remaining snow remains until June. You can also enjoy the snow scene with the snowshoe in the snow season. Please use the hotel's transfer and my car delivery service.


Children and adults can be enjoyed

The canoe, which takes about 15 km from Iiyama to Yutaki for 2 hours, has a large amount of water and is easy to be enjoyed even by novice because the flow is gentle, and it is a popular sport. While looking at the fresh scenery from the water with the paddle in hand, the feeling when sliding down the surface of the water by the flow of the river is the best !! Because the lake surface is calm, the canoe of Hokuryu Lake is safe even for young children. "Hokuryu Lake" without a flowing river The lake with spring water and melting water is very mysterious.


Enjoy winter sports

The Togari Onsen Ski Area is a ski resort where you can enjoy hot springs, skiing, snowboarding and snowshoing in the family, equipped with a 2,500 m long course that skates from beginners to advanced players. The hotel can slide from the back of the hotel to the slopes, and you can come down and get off on the way back from the slopes. Please enjoy the winter sports at the hotel's convenient location.

Mayumi Takahashi Puppet Museum

Dolls that everyone feels familiar with

"Mayumi Takahashi, a doll author living in Iiyama City, known for its simple and warm style reminiscent of Japanese original scenery, gathered works of Mayumi Takahashi. A puppet museum located in a corner of a long-established old temple town reminiscent of a hometown. Please enjoy expressive dolls. There are also other galleries, cafés and meals within the premises.

Kosuge no Sato

One of the major experimental venues in Kita-shinano

Known as one of the top three spots in Japan for practitioners of the Buddhist mystical sect Shugendo, the pathway to the inner shrine is lined with towering Japanese ceders, said to be 300 years old, and large moss covered boulders. Hike about an hour up the path from Satomiya shrine (shrine built in village area as a worship space) to find the inner shrine, perched on a cliff 900 meters in elevation.