You will have delicious and healthy seasonal ingredients. Would you like to clean from the body with meals?





We can serve macrobiotic meals on request. Please ask us about price and details.
Our macrobiotic meals will refresh and recharge your body and heart.
We use organic whole-rice and seasonal organic vegetables, cooked simply, such as steaming and boiling, with traditional Japanese seasonings (salt, soybeans, soy sauce).
We do not use animal products, white sugar, eggs, dairy products, or synthetic seasonings for macrobiotic meals.
This kind of meal a natural antidote to heavy stomachs, stiff shoulders, tiredness etc., and recommended for guests with obesity trouble, atopic dermatitis, allergic constitution, generally out of shape..

Vegetable sommelier and mushroom meister select materials carefully!

The seasonal taste of the four seasons and the state of the mind and body of the person have been connected for a long time, for example, by summer vegetables containing much moisture in the summer, cooling the body and incorporating root vegetables that warm the body in the winter, It helps to prevent disease and keep it healthy. In this way, the cuisine dish includes not only those using crude drugs but also those made from the grain, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products etc. we are eating daily. Please enjoy the taste of the season which is gentle on the mountain and is gentle to the body.