Standard (Main building)
  Room for
two guests
Room for
3-5 guests
The day before
New Year’s Holiday/
Golden week(*)
Adult per night with two meals 9,000 yen 8,500 yen +1,000 each yen +2,000 yen each
Adult per night with breakfast 6,500 yen 6,000 yen +1,000 each yen +2,000 yen each
Adult per night without a meal 5,500 yen 5,000 yen +500 each yen +500 yen each


Large room with 4 beds, private balcony, bathroom, kitchen (plates & cups), microwave & oven. Suitable for groups, staying in a relaxed country environment. You may enjoy gazing up at the sky, full of stars and fireflies.

room per night (1 - 4 guests) 21,000 yen (3,150 yen extra per person for additional guest
Special rate for long stay 2nd night - 80% 3rd night - 70% over 4 nights - 60%

* Onsen (Hot springs) tax: 150 yen charge per day. (You can use the Onsen in the main building)


We can serve macrobiotic meals on request. Please ask us about price and details. Our macrobiotic meals will refresh and recharge your body and heart. We use organic whole-rice and seasonal organic vegetables, cooked simply, such as steaming and boiling, with traditional Japanese seasonings (salt, soybeans, soy sauce). We do not use animal products, white sugar, eggs, dairy products, or synthetic seasonings for macrobiotic meals. This kind of meal a natural antidote to heavy stomachs, stiff shoulders, tiredness etc., and recommended for guests with obesity trouble, atopic dermatitis, allergic constitution, generally out of shape..

* All prices above include consumption tax.
* Onsen tax will be charged at 150 yen extra per day.
* Credit card VISA / Master / DC accepted.